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A good website can’t make you a cup of coffee…

…but it will talk to your customers, empower your brand by making them feel good and lead them to buy your products or services. Or convince them to make that cup of coffee for you, if that’s what your heart desires. Setting up the goal is up to you.

Based on this you can probably guess that a good website can make your life much better.

We know how to make your website serve its purpose. As well as how to keep it fresh and fit.

We build awesome websites

To make your website work for you, our workflow is based on continuous cycle of 4 stages:

1.) Asking & listening
Before we can start designing anything, we need to answer the following questions:

  • Who are you and how do you want others to perceive you – in other words, what kind of brand you are?
  • What do you want to achieve and how will you know you have achieved it?
  • Who are your products and services for and what do they mean for them?

We will guide you towards answering these questions through interviews and workshops – both with you and your potential clients. We also perform keywords analysis and research on how your target group uses search engines.

2.) Thinking & designing
We aim to design a website that will empower you to achieve your goals by enabling your customers to reach theirs.

In this stage we design structure, content, functionality, layouts and visual appearance of your new website. We take extra care to provide the best user experience (UX) for your visitors in order for them to become your customers.

We write copy based on your inputs and put it together with non-textual content (photos, videos, infographics etc.) until a prototype of your new website is born.

Then it’s time for user testing. We need to be sure that your website will perform strongly before we move on to the coding stage, so we create testing scenarios, collect feedback from real users and fine-tune the prototype accordingly.

3.) Coding & bringing your website to life
Once the design is tested, fine-tuned and approved, our developers will begin their work on bringing it to life.

If required, our programmers will build special functionalities according to your needs.

We implement the design precisely while keeping website speed and security in mind.

4.) Deploy and start over again!

Why? We understand that a good website is an active and living part of your business. That’s why:

We ask and listen

…to you (do you enjoy working with your website, what would you like to add etc.) and to the visitors of your website. What are they doing on it? How do they behave? What are they missing? What can we do to convert them from mere visitors to dedicated customers or clients more effectively?

We think and design

Generally speaking, there is always something to improve when it comes to business. The same applies to your website. Thus we create reports from collected data and we propose new strategies of improving key performance factors of your website.

We code and bring new ideas to life

All changes are consulted with you – you are the boss. Once you give us a go, we start doing our magic.

We deploy

…and we do it smoothly, so there is no downtime on your website whatsoever.

Sounds good? We bet!

Contact us so we can talk and get to know each other better. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Our clients’ testimonials

We are happy to bring our clients new customers. Check out some of their endorsements.

“Thanks for the new website! We will recommend you to our friends. You are a great team, very friendly and resourceful.”

Renáta Cabalová, Cabal.cz

“Personal attitude, maximal fervor and outcome reflecting our desires.”

Ondřej Lhotský, Reming.cz

These are some of the projects we have done so far

RM Rubble Master

UX design, graphics, copywriting, SEO and speed optimization.

Centrum Esence

SEO and speed optimization, marketing consulting.


Design upgrade, SEO and speed optimization, marketing consulting.


UX design, graphics, SEO and speed optimization.

The Vitix team

We are a firm with a loose company culture. People in our team share a common goal – to create websites that will bring happiness to their owners as well as visitors. Our workflow is adjusted to everyone’s capabilities and needs, which allows us to tackle our tasks in a way that we enjoy it.

This is our way to flourish.

Our values

We work only on projects that make sense for us.

We try as hard as we can to avoid guesswork such as “customers probably think this way”, “this could work”. We base our work on facts.

We work with people who are passionate about their projects.

Our business is not just about making money. We want to help people achieve their goals through our services. We choose to work with clients who feel the same way.

We perceive your website as a living part of your business.

We know that it demands continuous care and deserves it, because your website is the best salesperson in your team. Why? It works 24/7 throughout the whole year, never gets sick and never needs days a off.

We are all just human and we keep that in mind.

Successful projects thrive from open and intelligible communication, good and clear procedures, engagement on both sides, listening to each other and respectful cooperation. We want to enjoy our common work.



Junior programmer



Client satisfaction manager



UX design / copywriting / creativity



Frontend developer



Senior programmer

We build websites on WordPress

We don’t use WordPress because we think it’s the best solution for everything. We use WordPress because we love it.

(and also because more than often it actually IS the best solution).

If there are many ways (WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, custom CMS) of achieving a single goal (great website), we believe it’s better to be perfectly familiar with one of them rather than getting lost trying to find your way through a maze of strange code.

For us, WordPress is a fantastic tool that empowers us to do our work – to build great websites. Since we have extensive knowledge of its environment, we can focus on important thing – smart design and precise implementation of your website in order to achieve your goals.

Why do we love WordPress?

  • WordPress has the greatest community.
  • WordPress is open-source.
  • WordPress is stunningly flexible.
  • User-friendly.
  • And perfect for utilizing AGILE workflow.

Don’t wait. Write us.

Let us know what’s your situation and how can we help you.

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